Fix your win87em.dll error

Due to security concerns, this file is not available for installation with the DLL‑ Client. We only provide the file as a stand alone download for advanced users.

Download and install for free at your own risk. Handling this DLL incorrectly can cause serious harm to your PC.

win87em.dll, File description: win87em.dll


Bits & Version File size Zip file size Language Description Checksums  
-1bit0.0.0.0 8.8 kb 5.5 kb - 9a355b75137e8a5f3c384c999cc6dbbc9a355b75137e8a5f3c384c999cc6dbbc2be21636f3c2899f1217c289351b106118a5e1972be21636f3c2899f1217c289351b106118a5e197 Download
Bits & Version -1bit0.0.0.0
File size 8.8 kb
Zip file size 5.5 kb
Description -
Checksums 9a355b75137e8a5f3c384c999cc6dbbc2be21636f3c2899f1217c289351b106118a5e197
-1bit0.0.0.0 13 kb 8.8 kb - c980c971ad4ff3ca5cefdef40932d3a1c980c971ad4ff3ca5cefdef40932d3a14132ddc1065209ec62f059673ee7293bd717b0d64132ddc1065209ec62f059673ee7293bd717b0d6 Download
Bits & Version -1bit0.0.0.0
File size 13 kb
Zip file size 8.8 kb
Description -
Checksums c980c971ad4ff3ca5cefdef40932d3a14132ddc1065209ec62f059673ee7293bd717b0d6

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