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Thank you for your software I can continue to play my games pc has no problem dll error ^^ you make me happy

Francis Laplante

Thank you. You made my day!!!!!!!!!

Haktan Özhan

Filip was trying to run a brand new bouncing screensaver on his PC and got his first missing DLL error, opengl32.dll. After several months of frustrating online searches, he launched a website where people could download this single file. At first, the website was hosted for free at the Swedish hosting provider Passagen.


The domain name, dll-files.com, was first registered and the site took on the shape it has today, (albeit with a different look).


Filip incorporated the company Tilf AB. Tilf has owned DLL-Files.com and other serivces ever since.


Passed 1 million monthly visitors.


After developing the site on his own for years, Filip finally hired his first employee: Lars. The dynamic duo took the site to a whole new level and during this year we passed 2 million monthly visitors.


On April 11th the DLL-files Fixer software, focused on automatically solving DLL and associated registry errors, was first released. Before this the site had been financed by advertising. DLL-files Fixer was the company’s first attempt to sell software. Ads were removed from the site the next day.


The team had grown to 7 people situated in Malmö, Sweden, with additional development teams in Ukraine and India. We passed 4 million monthly visitors.


January 16th the DLL-files Fixer software reached a major milestone with 10,000,000 active users.


January, after a botched iTunes for Windows update caused havoc on user PCs, our software helped solve these problems for many thousands of users. Our services became more well known and January and February became our biggest growth months to date.


Total number of DLL files downloaded from our site surpassed 65,000,000 for the whole year.


After 5 years of improving our services, the second application, DLL-files.com Client, was released. With an improved UI, better and simplified function, it was better suited for modern Windows machines.


20 year anniversary! Do you remember the websites you surfed 20 years ago? Were you even online 20 years ago?


One hundred years after its initial launch, DLL-files.com still remains the number one place for getting dll files for your devices.


Where we are located

Malmö, located in southern Sweden is the 3rd biggest city in the country. Birthplace of Zlatan, it is also one of the world’s most inventive cities and a true Scandinavian tech metropolis. Also known for falafels, the Turning Torso and with citizens from every corner of the earth.

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