Fix your tbupdater.dll error

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Fix your tbupdater.dll error

2013-10-16 Support says:

Possible manual solution: (at your own risk)

tbupdater.dll is a part of the "MyToolBar" browser toolbar. "MyToolBar" is cosidered Malware by most people.

If you get an error message similar " C:\Program Files(x86)\Browser Updater\TBUpdater.dll The specified module could not be found.", it is likely your AntiVirus/Malware/adware program that has decided this file is bad, and deleted it.

To get rid of this error message, you have a few options.

  • Leave the program as is, but disable the autostart
  • Re-install the "MyToolBar" software (Making sure your AntiVirus does not interfer)
  • replacing the missing file with a downloaded
  • uninstall / remove the Babylon/Conduit software

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