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libglesv2.dll, File description: MOZILLA libGLESv2

libglesv2.dll, 28 available versions

Bits & Version File size Zip file size Language Description Checksums  
64bit37.0.0.5463 1.11 MB 0.49 MB 00f0196e3bb0d5d5b1ec20c833a291df93dd4eb076657fcead3f123b07ab275ac13832d8 Download
32bit25.0.1.5064 0.52 MB 0.25 MB 02d3a61f5d17d2162e7f11b82d085397b180e6bdc5445b3911fba2af7d9d01499828c37d Download
32bit47.0.1.6018 1.13 MB 0.55 MB 3862a6a554ad7d4327b1c34fa87895cacdcba9ffbb108e7b7fc7fca5b57b7355378ec2a1 Download
64bit37.0.0.5462 1.11 MB 0.49 MB 3892fbee62a0fa6162cce5b1adfacdb48889e9f41b5d66d37392208d57f1f632e47275fd Download
32bit15.0.1.4631 0.41 MB 0.2 MB 3a843971d5797ca5d06bfbc054bb6aba64437d9ff04da5a3e64094191dd8180ec8bf9232 Download
32bit48.0.0.6051 1.17 MB 0.57 MB 764e21a802a2ad6676a32bef807a9c16d24dc29cf11cf170a4aed90080249c95f546f33f Download
32bit37.0.0.5462 0.83 MB 0.39 MB 7938a44990806d89b766871d3279babbbcf19367326372e0cf219509a3071acd327bc111 Download
32bit12.0.0.4493 0.43 MB 0.2 MB 7d88b5cb41e4025ae54b2b6ed46517de25b4af06b07cdb82c41b98230b2357d3b0fad701 Download
32bit32.0.2.5373 0.61 MB 0.29 MB a23b8d4bcd8055821d35b55a28f96f8a0fcb4fd708d2b80706536edb45dbdcd295c0195d Download
32bit27.0.1.5156 0.62 MB 0.3 MB a44bae7b2f84b1cdef0db05541bec0e3f5e93345824783a2ebc5692574632b579109fbfd Download
32bit32.0.3.5379 0.61 MB 0.29 MB d6252cc60306b12a752020a8e91fbc07e37643c63fc9febc6b9d2edb256198c3dabc0cb8 Download
32bit52.0.2.6291 1.34 MB 0.63 MB e19549f4fa587a76bcc00b6561b93ddbc441a2f8eccff8213169f9f9107d0ac518b97649 Download
32bit36.0.1.5542 0.83 MB 0.4 MB ec0ee22bc75ab9b026495e5042e13cffac2abdcda8251516aafbd5bfcb66a15b4d0b0048 Download
32bit52.0.1.6284 1.34 MB 0.63 MB ee0f5261b3672a286bcb9e00d02476697586b71e030288811e1c11948c7e458df4809d8b Download
32bit51.0.1.6234 1.35 MB 0.63 MB f14caedac96a7ac6f5ef57df843804a9e345e44ffe1c1ce9b1db7abc44a5585488055363 Download
32bit39.0.3.5696 0.85 MB 0.41 MB f617faac21420d66a57073670cf85c78e8bc469c3aaf624903650b1489959c7b9196836a Download
32bit24.0.0.4907 0.53 MB 0.25 MB f69c7c6fa48e4537999ac1d903623aa456db76ccd2a309e2d3964d4648fd4f8ae15b5665 Download
Bits & Version File size Zip file size Language Description Checksums  
32bit1.2.0.2431 0.67 MB 0.33 MB U.S. English ANGLE libGLESv2 Dynamic Link Library 0647ea3b93a0d321c58639e0e2ab9757efba0479020b6be2cd098d5bf8b175f6cbc3c787 Download
32bit1.3.0.0 0.68 MB 0.35 MB U.S. English ANGLE libGLESv2 Dynamic Link Library 230ff605fe373d972efb74b195aa756ebb6d88eaa53503f1f750c3a42dffa3f91176f24d Download
32bit2.1.0.0 1.43 MB 0.69 MB U.S. English ANGLE libGLESv2 Dynamic Link Library 34c0414be5db8a9078b827f897efb96624cac95ee8b78e28b6139266cdf49f90dc59c903 Download
32bit1.29.0.2424 0.85 MB 0.39 MB U.S. English ANGLE libGLESv2 Dynamic Link Library 643acdf6e889f08b04e4ca82a39a7839b3a1fb8134ddacb8fe4474c29ce2a6a626a1bbf3 Download
32bit2.1.0.0 0.99 MB 0.49 MB U.S. English ANGLE libGLESv2 Dynamic Link Library 9873aefdf96e5e7cd8f11722dc3a25578838a1ce1a655a1790b156065f5dae8fa7c1c79c Download
32bit1.0.0.2042 0.57 MB 0.28 MB U.S. English ANGLE libGLESv2 Dynamic Link Library ad11026ef9fd8c3b73d0002cba05dd049d830db45ad1d46c31bd5560bdfa0b3a237e878d Download
32bit1.0.0.2212 0.57 MB 0.28 MB U.S. English ANGLE libGLESv2 Dynamic Link Library ad92414e80ea22ae61d07ecab26a6b25921d8e169da1efca5d2f63c7a0dcb81fbec32f4f Download
32bit1.2.0.2451 0.68 MB 0.34 MB U.S. English ANGLE libGLESv2 Dynamic Link Library d3134eefd36fd24d183f6fcad2afc239a027bcfc6e6fef03d51fbdea7c04cc19b4c690d7 Download
32bit1.2.0.2446 0.67 MB 0.33 MB U.S. English ANGLE libGLESv2 Dynamic Link Library d86c670c9fea42f23949f22f48b9ebf7c5a1b69045fe48a0b3efab1abbe62b246023f96b Download
32bit0.0.0.0 0.11 MB 39.1 kb - dc76288a1f0572b454f56a1cbed9ca4976634e4cb2ef8bd4c9b74b7666fae1b0e4459e4d Download
32bit1.0.0.1275 0.56 MB 0.27 MB U.S. English ANGLE libGLESv2 Dynamic Link Library e4f711246928b114b01ab137f499945fa5305ccaaed1b912a038afe4e6e3842ae6c6224d Download

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