Fix your h29xz2.dll error

Due to security concerns, this file is not available for download. We only provide information on how to fix the specific DLL problem.

Fix your h29xz2.dll error


Apparently, an alleged emulator, claiming to be able to emulate and play 3Ds games, needs a file named H29xz2.dll

From what we have been able to find, this "3Ds emulator" program is fake, and no matter if you would be able to find a file named H29xz2.dll or not, you would not be able to emulate 3Ds on a PC.

"[...] as of October 2014, there are no commercial 3DS Emulators that have been released yet. Any commercial 3DS Emulators that have been "released" are fake or complete scams [...]" "It looks like there's also fake emulators out there for xbox360, and not just for ps3 and the 3ds.. As a very coincidental fact - the "3DS emulator" seems to have it's code based upon the fake xbox360 emulator..."

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