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dsrole.dll, File description: DS Setup Client DLL

dsrole.dll, 8 available versions

Bits & Version File size Zip file size Language Description Checksums  
32bit10.0.10586.0 21.7 kb 13 kb U.S. English DS Setup Client DLL 173b024ae8b15d28aea2fd24b5e936df173b024ae8b15d28aea2fd24b5e936dfd4d709a55eba9cd10c200311a6913a029ab3dc1ad4d709a55eba9cd10c200311a6913a029ab3dc1a Download
Bits & Version 32bit10.0.10586.0
File size 21.7 kb
Zip file size 13 kb
Language U.S. English
Description DS Setup Client DLL
Checksums 173b024ae8b15d28aea2fd24b5e936dfd4d709a55eba9cd10c200311a6913a029ab3dc1a
64bit10.0.14393.0 27.8 kb 15.4 kb U.S. English DS Setup Client DLL 2a319ec8df0fb5c46cf311b9d2b65b1d2a319ec8df0fb5c46cf311b9d2b65b1db5014304eb73b1bbae86d15cc08f173352a4972bb5014304eb73b1bbae86d15cc08f173352a4972b Download
Bits & Version 64bit10.0.14393.0
File size 27.8 kb
Zip file size 15.4 kb
Language U.S. English
Description DS Setup Client DLL
Checksums 2a319ec8df0fb5c46cf311b9d2b65b1db5014304eb73b1bbae86d15cc08f173352a4972b
32bit6.1.7600.16385 21.5 kb 12.4 kb U.S. English DS Role Client DLL 2f040cf0613a6d64dcbba9ee81f5a5ae2f040cf0613a6d64dcbba9ee81f5a5aee5437e4562c98f5d8d4e0801170eb1a62aedf69de5437e4562c98f5d8d4e0801170eb1a62aedf69d Download
Bits & Version 32bit6.1.7600.16385
File size 21.5 kb
Zip file size 12.4 kb
Language U.S. English
Description DS Role Client DLL
Checksums 2f040cf0613a6d64dcbba9ee81f5a5aee5437e4562c98f5d8d4e0801170eb1a62aedf69d
32bit10.0.14393.0 24.3 kb 14.2 kb U.S. English DS Setup Client DLL 306a17d84e1aa7ed96e4df63270b0bf7306a17d84e1aa7ed96e4df63270b0bf7f5f90a05c9472868c717b07881cc679d8bd286d1f5f90a05c9472868c717b07881cc679d8bd286d1 Download
Bits & Version 32bit10.0.14393.0
File size 24.3 kb
Zip file size 14.2 kb
Language U.S. English
Description DS Setup Client DLL
Checksums 306a17d84e1aa7ed96e4df63270b0bf7f5f90a05c9472868c717b07881cc679d8bd286d1
64bit10.0.18362.1 28.3 kb 15.3 kb U.S. English DS Setup Client DLL 609ac3b4e090cb1894f56d978e74c4f1609ac3b4e090cb1894f56d978e74c4f189c99ecf6eeebe6158e4853115e17e71730780d889c99ecf6eeebe6158e4853115e17e71730780d8 Download
Bits & Version 64bit10.0.18362.1
File size 28.3 kb
Zip file size 15.3 kb
Language U.S. English
Description DS Setup Client DLL
Checksums 609ac3b4e090cb1894f56d978e74c4f189c99ecf6eeebe6158e4853115e17e71730780d8
64bit10.0.10586.0 25.8 kb 14.3 kb U.S. English DS Setup Client DLL 6458023e51e57612edfeaffe824affb96458023e51e57612edfeaffe824affb907afb9cac0e0513bc0c1fd26b542e8cda8061e5607afb9cac0e0513bc0c1fd26b542e8cda8061e56 Download
Bits & Version 64bit10.0.10586.0
File size 25.8 kb
Zip file size 14.3 kb
Language U.S. English
Description DS Setup Client DLL
Checksums 6458023e51e57612edfeaffe824affb907afb9cac0e0513bc0c1fd26b542e8cda8061e56
32bit6.3.9600.16384 20.2 kb 12.7 kb U.S. English DS Setup Client DLL 6d32404a7df2ea70bfef17cc741354716d32404a7df2ea70bfef17cc7413547124e957769e4598ca04a78d90cf5024a04bdd8f3b24e957769e4598ca04a78d90cf5024a04bdd8f3b Download
Bits & Version 32bit6.3.9600.16384
File size 20.2 kb
Zip file size 12.7 kb
Language U.S. English
Description DS Setup Client DLL
Checksums 6d32404a7df2ea70bfef17cc7413547124e957769e4598ca04a78d90cf5024a04bdd8f3b
32bit6.2.9200.16384 11.5 kb 7.3 kb U.S. English DS Setup Client DLL 7e52729c0553b1cbd34df57efc8dae2f7e52729c0553b1cbd34df57efc8dae2fbd301959805ea4b0b6eb960ddcb12b0ed4e8e7b5bd301959805ea4b0b6eb960ddcb12b0ed4e8e7b5 Download
Bits & Version 32bit6.2.9200.16384
File size 11.5 kb
Zip file size 7.3 kb
Language U.S. English
Description DS Setup Client DLL
Checksums 7e52729c0553b1cbd34df57efc8dae2fbd301959805ea4b0b6eb960ddcb12b0ed4e8e7b5

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